👑 Gold Award for Best Lead Generation Campaign 2023 at Peak Awards supported by Google                          👉 20 under 40 Performance Marketing 2023 by Marketing Week

10 Peak Awards 2023 supported by Google for Roix Digital Agency

roix digital agency team - awarded at peak awards 2023 supported by google

Peak Awards supported by Google are the leading institution that awards brands and agencies for their innovation and measurable efficiency in performance marketing in Greece. 2023 is a milestone year with more than 50 separate judges from the market and Google, with a significant increase in the number of entries from smaller and all the leading brands in the Greek market, thus significantly increasing competition and therefore the chances of distinction. 

For the third consecutive year Roix digital agency is awarded by the leading Peak Awards, managing to more than double its performance for 2023, receiving a total of 10 awards for both efficiency and innovation, as well as for achieving measurable goals in digital advertising campaigns (between Google Ads & Social Media) from brands and businesses that it organized and managed.

So for 2023 Roix is awarded 10 Peak Performance Marketing Awards supported by Google, along with 4 major brand clients. 


  1. Best Lead Generation Campaign – Gold Award / Getaline.gr
  2. Best Use of Data – Silver Award / Getaline.gr
  3. Best Performance in Food & Beverages – Silver Award / Siakos.gr
  4. Best Multi Channel Campaign – Silver Award / Siakos.gr
  5. Best Use of Technology – Bronze Award / Getaline.gr
  6. Best Modern Search Campaign – Bronze Award / Getaline.gr
  7. Best Multi Channel Campaign – Bronze Award / Vintagelovers.gr
  8. Best Media Efficiency Strategy – Bronze Award / Vintagelovers.gr
  9. Best Sales Campaign – Bronze Award / Siakos.gr
  10. Best Small Budget Campaign – Bronze Award / Certificate in Digital Marketing by Hellenic American Union 
“Best Lead Generation Campaign – Gold Award at Peak Performance Marketing Awards supported by Google

A few words about the brands with whom we have competed and won these awards. 


Getaline is today the leading digital partner of Vodafone Greece, contributing significantly and decisively to Vodafone’s digital sales. With a long history back in 2012 it started as a Cyta partner, evolved into its leading online contract seller where after the Cyta & Vodafone merger in 2018 it continues its online activity with a second one until today. 


The butcher turned case study continues to be awarded for the 3rd consecutive year and was named Meat Company of the Year at the Meat & Food Awards 2022. siakos.gr with a long history in the digital environment starts its online presence back in 2011 being the first and only online butcher in Greece and today is considered as the creator of the vertical “online butcher” in Greece.


A modern woman and mom a few years ago while looking for special decoration items, she realized the important gap in the Greek market. So she decided to create Vintage Lovers so that she could share these special products of top brands from abroad combined with an excellent consumer experience. In Vintage Lovers, as the brand says, you can discover products with vintage – retro aesthetics suitable for home decoration, thematic clothes, party items, children’s room etc. The brand’s upward trend is sealed by the opening of 2 additional physical stores in the last two years. 

Hellenic American Union 

The Hellenic American Union has been one of the leading educational organizations in Greece since 1957. The Certificate in Digital Marketing was launched in its current form in 2015 and since 2009 in the premises of the union conducting seminars and lectures on the emerging specialty of the time. Today, the Certificate in Digital Marketing is considered the best educational course for Digital Marketing in Greece in which 18 leading trainers – market executives from the largest brands